About the Artist

Sawyer Guthrie is a full time mixed media and oil painting artist from Northwest Alabama. She has been painting since the age of 4 years old. During her childhood, Sawyer moved numerous times across the country, spending time in Southern California, South Florida, and Tennessee. Throughout her journey of travel and adventure, Sawyer acquired tons of inspiration from her new surroundings, which greatly impacted her artistic voice and style. Throughout all of the external changes in the artist's life, Sawyer always felt most anchored when she was creating and painting. Although Sawyer loved immersing herself in all of the unique and different life styles, the artist ended up back home to her southern roots where she belonged. 

Sawyer considers her work to be a form of “Abstract Realism” with themes of "Majestic Surrealism", prophetically portraying The Heavenly Realm of Jesus Christ. Sawyer loves to paint the visions she receives of animals interacting with nature in the spiritual realm. She hopes that everyone who views her vibrant work will have a "Holy Spirit Encounter" and feel more connected to God. 

Sawyer is most inspired when spending time outside in God's beautiful creation, watching, playing with, and photographing animals.

In her free time, Sawyer enjoys riding horses, taking care of her chickens, reading, spending time with family, and going out to eat at adventurous/aestetic restaurants.

Sawyer loves her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and hopes that her artwork and voice encourgages everyone to have a deeper spiritual and personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.

"Reflecting the Colors of Heaven"

The artist expresses herself best by using a variety of bright, iridescent colors, portraying an ethereal dreamlike vision on canvas. Sawyer considers herself to be a maximalist, stating that her artwork has never once been referred to, or labeled as “minimalistic”. She loves to paint in an “excessive” style because, in her own words, “Why be anything less than extraordinary?”

“When I paint, I think about God. I think about all of the glorious creatures and nature He has created. I love to paint somewhere I’d like to be. Animals flying, fluttering, splashing, swimming all around me; surrounded by His created beauty.”

- Sawyer Guthrie